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Single-hung windows are a simple and economic alternative to double-hung windows. Just like double-hung, single-hung windows feature a similar, vertically sliding design. The window frame, sash, and mechanics are similar to those in double-hung windows, but the top half is fixed. As with double-hung windows, they come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes to meet your needs.

Single-Hung Windows and Energy Efficiency

Today, both single and double-hung windows are more energy efficient, thanks to improved materials and insulated glazing. Other designs – such as casement windows, which provide a tighter seal – may be more energy efficient, but new advances have made modern this window more efficient than older models.

Versatility of Single-Hung Windows

This option offers many possibilities to homeowners wishing to replace their original windows. Thanks to their design, single-hung windows can be used in historical retrofit replacements to keep the look of the original windows. In addition, because they open vertically, each window option can fit in many spaces where exterior or interior room and traffic may not allow for windows that open outward.

Cost vs. Double-Hung Windows

Despite popular belief, single and double-hung windows do not differ greatly in price. However, double-hung windows, because buyers may assume that they are more expensive, are the preferred choice for those planning to sell their homes in the future.


These windows offer many benefits, including: they open vertically, allowing for more external and internal space. They have become more energy efficient, thanks to new technologies and materials. They are certainly an economic option for home window replacement. They can be used when one wishes to keep the look of the original windows and in historical retrofit replacements.


If you wish to replace your windows with single-hung windows, there are several manufactures you may consider, including:

Hurd Windows
Milgard Windows
Amsco Windows
MGM Industries
Jancor Windows
Elixir Industries.

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