Replacement Window Frames

Choosing the best replacement window materials is just one of the many decisions you have to make as you go through the process of replacing your windows. The replacement window materials you choose will have many benefits and drawbacks. There are seven main materials for replacement window frames.

Vinyl Replacements

Vinyl window frames are a popular choice because they are very inexpensive and low maintenance. You don’t have to paint the replacement window frames, and they do not chip or warp. Even scratches are difficult to notice. Early vinyl windows had a bad reputation, but they have come a long way in recent years. Older vinyl windows faded and got warped by extreme temperatures. These problems are much less common today, but you still may want to avoid vinyl if you live in an area with extreme temperatures.

Wood Clad

Wooden window frames definitely make your home look beautiful, but they can be very expensive and require regular maintenance. The wood can be painted or stained to any color you like, but you have to repaint the windows regularly. If you don’t keep up on the maintenance and let the paint peel off, your replacement window frames will rot and warp more easily. The wood is also more susceptible to termite damage. Wood looks beautiful, but you cannot forget about the high purchase cost and the high cost of upkeep. If you want the exterior strength and durability of a metal, and the look of wood on the inside, clad wood options are a great material. The combination makes it even more expensive than all wood frames. The benefit is that you get to have a stronger aluminum or vinyl material on the outside, which means less maintenance. These windows provide an excellent amount of insulation.


One common criticism of aluminum windows is that they are not as energy efficient as other materials. Many current models do have some thermal protection, so they aren’t as inefficient as they used to be. Aluminum frames are still a great material because they are inexpensive and low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about them warping or chipping. Aluminum replacement window frames are a great material for many environments, except for places with high humidity.


uPVC frames are an inexpensive window frame material that is very strong, and it has a high level of efficiency. The product is an advanced, engineered PVC product. It is relatively new, but it is an excellent material because it is a better insulator than vinyl. It is also much stronger and lighter.

Steel Windows

If you are looking for a strong material to use, steel is one of the best possible choices. Steel replacement window frames are not cheap, but they are extremely durable and resistant to damage. Steel is not harmed by large temperature variations. Steel cannot be painted without compromising its durability and allows a lot of heat loss. But if you are in need of a strong material, you cannot beat the strength of steel.


Composite window frames are made of materials such as fiberglass. Fiberglass and other composite materials are more versatile than vinyl or aluminum. They can handle tough environments, including extreme temperatures and high humidity. And, they can be painted just like wood. This allows you to choose whatever color suits you. Even better, if you don’t paint your fiberglass, you do not have to worry about any sort of cracking or warping of the frame. It won’t look as pretty, but deciding not to repaint it right away will not hurt the frame itself.