Bow Replacement Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they have a more curved appearance, making them softer than the original bay, which is much more angular in shape.

Many Design Options

The main advantage to using bow windows is the fact they can be customized based on the design and style of the home. Because these windows offer a softer appearance, the homeowner can choose from a stronger half circle design or a shallow curve. Either way, these windows create an abundance of light and allow for plenty of natural air flow. They can be included in single or double story homes to create character and change the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Multiple Configurations

Bow windows come with a choice of configurations, though the most common is a set of four to six panels sitting at ten to fifteen degree angles. These are customizable, enabling the homeowner to create their desired look based on the curve chosen. There are a choice of window types available with casements being the most common choice for bow windows. The advantage is that a homeowner can choose to have some opening windows and some fixed. In most cases the side windows will open while the center windows will remain fixed.

Source Of Light & Insulation

Bow windows can add character to the home, while adding an individual design to each of the rooms. Because of the size of these windows they allow for an abundance of natural light to flow into the room, making the room lighter and brighter.

There are so many different bow windows varieties from those which include paneling and a seat to those which purely include the glass and frame. Seating can offer some insulation, though using multi paned glass with a gas fill can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the window.

Pricing & Costs

Bow window prices can range anywhere from $1,400 to $5,200 installed (all of our price examples below assume 4 windows). Because this is such a large price range, we have provided three different window pricing scenarios to give you a better range of what your project will cost.

More On Bow Windows Prices

Downsides – Roofing Reinforcements

Bow windows stick out past the main wall of the property, which is why it’s so important to take roofing into consideration before choosing this type of window. In many cases a separate section of room may need to be included to ensure the window has a good overhang. This isn’t always the case, some homes have an overhang large enough to accommodate the window. Another option to increase light flow is to add a greenhouse type window made of clear glass to sit over the window.

Wall Reinforcements

Due to the fact that a bow window stands out from the main property, there is the possibility that the supporting wall may require a little more support to ensure it can accommodate the weight of the window. There are a choice of support options available from knee braces to chain support systems.