Window Styles & Types

Discover the most popular replacement window types and styles for your home. Here is a list of some of the more common window types and styles of frames.


These replacement window types are often longer horizontally than vertically. They have hinges on the top edge and open up and out to resemble an awning. They are not as popular as single or double hungs or casements, but they have lots of charm and character.

Bay Windows

A bay is a series of 3 windows mulled together that come out from the wall in an angular manner, providing a great interior space and beautiful view outside your home. These can greatly enhance the look of a home and provide a wonderful breakfast nook or reading area etc.

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Bow Windows

Bow windows have a more curved appearance, making them softer than the original bay, which is much more angular in shape. The main advantage to using bow windows in any property is the fact they can be customized based on the design and style of the home.

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A casement offers a great deal of ventilation, allowing lots of air into the home. They also have a very attractive appearance, and are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for many homeowners.

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A double hung is one of the most popular choices. The window has two sashes. The bottom and top sashes move separately, allowing you to open the window either from the top or the bottom.

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A hopper has a hinge at the base of the frame so that it tilts open from the upper part of the window. The screen is on the outside of the window. To open, you turn a handle to move it outward. Read more on hopper window prices.

Jalousie Or Louvered

These go by two different names, but they both mean the same thing. Jalousie and louvered have slats with horizontal panes. They are a popular choice if you are looking to allow a lot of air flow. Read more on jalousie window prices.


Single hung windows are a simple type of window. It is not that different from the double hung window, except for the fact that only the bottom half of the window can be moved. The top sash of the window is unable to be moved, which is how this differs from the double hung window.

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Horizontal Sliders

Sliding windows are an excellent option if you do not have too much space for a window. The sliding window can open from either side, allowing quite a bit of air to flow through.

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Thermal Windows

Thermal replacement window frames are energy efficient windows with multiple panes of glass to increase their efficiency. The added glass allows for an air pocket in between the two panes of glass. Window manufacturers inject gases that have high insulating properties in between the two frames. Read more on thermal window prices.

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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows account for over half of all window replacements sold in the United States last year. There are a number of reasons why vinyl dominates the replacement market, with the most important of them being price. We’ll explore the basics, costs, pros and cons of vinyl windows.