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Simonton Windows Reviews

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Editor's Simonton Window Review

Simonton offers lots of window lines and the company enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Their pricing is middle of the road and they make solid vinyl windows. They are a large company that has good quality customer service.The bottom line - they are a large manufacturer that makes good windows, has good customer service and is well priced for what you get. A solid buy.

Editor's Notes

Double Hungs

"I find these windows to be affordable and sturdy. I am paying $500 for eight double hung windows by Amsco, this is fully installed. They are pleasing to the eye and there are no drafts, which is a big bonus. I also liked the Simontons which I thought looked more durable as I am a little concerned about the glazing beads. Even so, I am really happy with my choice."

David - Homeowner from Utah - 2011

Simonton vs. Amsco

"During our home remodel I was torn between Simonton and Amsco. I found the Amsco windows to offer superb noise reduction and a decent argon fill. The distributors were helpful, but in the end I chose the Simontons even though I was impressed with the Amsco windows."

Nick - Homeowner from Colorado - 2008

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