Milgard Windows Reviews


Milgard Windows Reviews

Read Milgard Windows reviews from homeowners and installers on their replacement window options and prices.

Milgard vs Amerimax

"I am in the process of having windows replaced in my home. I have chosen to do the windows that leak first and then concentrate on the balance, but I am really struggling with the quotes and find them difficult to understand. The quotes I have received so far include Milgard and Amerimax, this includes MI?s. Then I noticed the Andersen Series 100 looks good, they really appealed to me so I spoke to an installations specialist in the area who advised that they are a great choice for the severe weather patterns we have here in Arizona."

Steve - Homeowner from Arizona - 2013

[In Response]

"I am an installer and am based in Los Angeles where we also experience varied weather patterns. I?ve found that the Amerimax and Milgards are good choices for down here. I have noticed that Andersen has a new silver range which may be of interest to you, though I am not one hundred percent sure on whether they are worth it or not."

Jonathan - Installer from LA - 2013

West Coast Windows

"My four favorite windows available out West they would have to include Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard and Anlin. I am based in California so I work with windows available here, in other places you may have other options available. All four of the windows that I have listed as my top four are quality windows with great features. My suggestion is to get more quotes before making your final decision."

Sam - Contractor from California - 2010

Milgard Vinyl Windows

"Back in 2005 I had to choose which replacement windows to use. I spent a lot of time researching all the windows from Milgard to CertainTeed and in the end we chose the double hung vinyl Amerimax windows. Even though our new windows were similar in price to many of the others they looked so much better. What I love is that they are so easy to tilt and clean, they also offer great noise reduction."

Andy - Homeowner from California - 2009

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