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Andersen Windows Reviews

Read Andersen Windows reviews from consumers and installers alike who know their window series and models and can provide consumer insight into the company.

Editor's Andersen Windows Reviews

Andersen windows are almost unanimously considered high quality products all the way from the composite 100 series through to the 200, 400 and Architectural Series. They are generally pricey windows, especially the 400 and A-series. The 100 composite frames get good marks at fairly reasonable prices and the 200s are the lower end wood windows and basically no frill wood windows. The 400 and A series are well made wood windows that will be on the upper end of the price spectrum.

The only real exception to the quality statement is their vinyl windows, which are sold under the Silverline brand - these are typically sold at big home improvement stores like Lowes and home Depot. There are much better vinyl window products on the market for the price. The bottom line is high quality windows at the top end of the cost spectrum.

Site Editor - 2014

Andersen 100 Series

"I noticed the Andersen Series 100 looks good, they really appealed to me so I spoke to an installations specialist in the area who advised that they are a great choice for the severe weather patterns we have here in Arizona."

Steve - Homeowner from Arizona - 2013

[Installer's Response]

"I am an installer and am based in Los Angeles where we also experience varied weather patterns. I?ve found that Amerimax windows and Milgards are good choices for down here. I noticed that Andersen has a new silverline range which may be of interest to you, though I am not one hundred percent sure on whether they are worth it or not."

Jonathan - Installer from LA - 2012

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