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Amsco Windows Reviews

Read Amsco Windows reviews from installers and homeowners who have installed or purchased these windows previously and can provide consumer insight.

Amsco Warranty Complaint

"The disadvantages to these windows is the warranty, especially on their vinyl and composite range. You need to read the warranty carefully to pinpoint all the exclusions, which seem to eliminate anything that could possibly go wrong. Even though they state they have a warranty you will find that while replacement parts can be ordered, no one will come out to do the repairs. Amsco and the dealers blame each other when it comes to labor, claiming the other is responsible. I feel these windows are just not worth the risk."

Jason - Window Dealer from Texas - 2011

Double Hung Window Opinion

"I find these windows to be affordable and sturdy. I am paying $500 for eight double hung windows by Amsco, this is fully installed. They are pleasing to the eye and there are no drafts, which is a big bonus. I also liked the Simontons which I thought looked more durable as I am a little concerned about the glazing beads. Even so, I am really happy with my choice."

David - Homeowner from Utah - 2011

Labor Warranty Problems

"My biggest concern about Amsco is their labor warranty. While Amsco claims the dealers are responsible for labor, the installers and dealers I have spoken to about these windows all offer poor warranties. The warranties are filled with exclusions, so not much is covered even though it states it is a lifetime warranty. With labor being the most expensive repair cost, I am hesitant when it comes to Amsco."

Steven - Window Dealer from Maryland 2010

Unhappy Customer

"I would recommend you stay away from Amsco Windows. These windows were horrid to say the least, they were badly made and the warranties were very poor and don?t include labor. The warranties are also riddled in exclusions. Other bargain windows to watch out for are the Jeldwen and Pella Thermastar, both have a warranty of one year, this isn?t near long enough to test your windows in all weather conditions. Others include the Malibu and Value which are both cheap with poor design and materials."

Timothy - Homeowner from California - 2009

Amsco vs Simonton

"During our home remodel I was torn between Simonton and Amsco. I found the Amsco windows to offer superb noise reduction and a decent argon fill. The distributors were helpful, but in the end I chose the Simontons even though I was impressed with the Amsco windows."

Nick - Homeowner from Colorado - 2008

Amsco Window Complaint

"I have had nothing but trouble with the Amsco windows I installed less than a year ago. They are so badly made that they don?t slide smoothly and they fog up. They have been icing up on the inside because the storm windows aren?t working properly that it has come to a point where I have mold growing inside the windows. Don?t bother calling the service department, they will never call you back. After a lot of effort a representative eventually came out to have a look, claiming I have high humidity. I would think so I live in the desert. Be wary of the lifetime warranty offered with these windows, the exclusions mean they don?t cover anything."

Gary - Homeowner from Arizona - 2007

Affordable Replacement Windows

"If you?re looking for affordable replacement windows, then they are alright. But they come with a lot of problems. We placed Amsco single hungs in our home over a two year period, some of the windows are already struggling with condensation on rainy days. They come off the slide rails and some of the locks have broken. We are lucky that the installer comes out to fix them without any problems, though I won?t ever buy Amsco again."

Ian - Homeowner in New Mexico - 2006

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