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Amerimax Windows Reviews

Read Amerimax windows reviews written by contractors and homeowners who have insider knowledge on their advantages and disadvantages, pricing, customer service and more.

Amerimax Windows Complaint

"We chose Amerimax back in 2007 and it was a mistake. While these are good windows, there is nothing spectacular about them, in fact I found holes in the bottom tracks which leads to air leaking into our home, I had to stuff paper into the holes just to stop the draft. The windows did reduce noise though, which was a bonus but nowhere near what we were told it would. I called Amerimax last year when the stops for the vents broke, they promised to send me replacement parts which I have never received. I found their customer services unhelpful and rude and would definitely not buy from them in the future."

Stacy - Homeowner from Colorado - 2013

Amerimax or Milgard

"I am in the process of having windows replaced in my home. I have chosen to do the windows that leak first and then concentrate on the balance, but I am really struggling with the quotes and find them difficult to understand. The quotes I have received so far include Milgard and Amerimax. Then I noticed the Andersen range and the Series 100 looks good, they really appealed to me so I spoke to an installations specialist in the area who advised that they are a great choice for the severe weather patterns we have here in Arizona."

Steve - Homeowner from Arizona - 2013

[In Response]

"I am an installer and am based in Los Angeles where we also experience varied weather patterns. I?ve found that the Amerimax and Milgards are good choices for down here. I have noticed that Andersen has a new silver range which may be of interest to you, though I am not one hundred percent sure on whether they are worth it or not."

Jonathan - Installer from LA - 2012

Window Dealers Review

"My personal experience is that Amerimax are good windows, they come with a range of features including double strength glass and triple weather stripping. Many of the windows also have super spacers, more color options and a host of other superb features. The standard package includes an argon fill and this entitles you to a tax rebate which is a bonus.

When it comes to their patio doors, I was impressed they have a range of finishes to choose from with a key lock outside for added convenience, including the ability to upgrade to a foot bolt lock if you prefer. So far I have only found their customer service to be superior. Let?s face it Amerimax is one of the more expensive options when choosing windows and are sometimes hard to get due to a limited number of dealers nationwide."

James - Window Dealer - 2010

West Coast Options

"My four favorite windows available out West they would have to include Simonton, Amerimax, Milgard and Anlin. I am based in California so I work with windows available here, in other places you may have other options available. All four of the windows that I have listed as my top four are quality windows with great features. My suggestion is to obtain a number of quotes before making your final decision."

Sam - Contractor from California - 2010

What About in Colder Weather

"What I really like about Amerimax windows is how great they look. I love the narrow frame even though it doesn?t feel very strong. They have argon fills which is manufactured right here in Colorado. What I have found in the past is that other windows which are filled outside Colorado tend to pressurize during transport. When it comes to colder weather they are not ideal, they would probably be good in warmer climates, but we had condensation problems during the winter months."

Miles - Homeowner from Colorado - 2009

Amerimax Vinyl Windows

"Back in 2005 I had to choose which replacement windows to use. I spent a lot of time researching all the windows from Milgard to CertainTeed and in the end we chose the double hung vinyl Amerimax windows. Even though our new windows were similar in price to many of the others they looked so much better. What I love is that they are so easy to tilt and clean, they also offer great noise reduction."

Andy - Homeowner from California - 2009

Comparing Amerimax to Regional Brands

"I have been thrilled with our choice when we chose Amerimax to replace twenty of our vinyl windows, this was four years ago and they still look great. They were slightly more expensive than we originally wanted to pay, but reasonable none the less. I find these windows are durable, the locks are sturdy and they came with a good warranty."

Ian - Homeowner from California - 2010

AAMA Color Certification

"The reason we chose Amerimax was because of the AAMA color certification they offered. After seven years we are still thrilled with our choice. The biggest advantage is that our vinyl windows didn?t lose their color after a few years, they never yellowed and were a top choice over some of the other vinyl windows that were available at the time."

Chris - Homeowner from California - 2008

Amerimax or RBA

"I live in Los Angeles and it was five years ago that I put Amerimax vinyl windows in our home. We had a wide selection to choose from, many of which you could see were cheap, then there were those that were so expensive like the Renewal by Andersen ones. I am pleased with the Amerimax vinyl windows, we have found them to be durable, they don?t leak and are easy to open and close. The dealer tried to talk us out of vinyl, but five years later our windows are still white and working well."

Adrian - Homeowner from California - 2008

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