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Sliding Window Prices

Sliding window prices range from $150 to $750 installed. This includes both the price of the window and all costs associated with the installation.

Entry Level Sliding Window Prices

Low end sliding window prices will be between $75 and $150 (just the window). Low end products will be vinyl frames with a basic glass package, low end hardware options and probably a very limited number of choices for frame color and finish.

Entry Level Window Only Cost: $75 - $150

Mid Range Sliding Window Prices

Mid range sliding window prices will be between $150 and $300 (just the window). At this price level, consumers can expect lots of options in terms of frames - a high end vinyl extrusion or a composite aluminum or fiberglass without lots of upgrades. Expect a pretty standard glass package of low-e glass and argon fills, along with some more choices when it comes to the frame color, finish and hardware.

Mid Range Window Only Cost: $150 - $300

High End Sliding Window Prices

High end sliding window prices will be between $300 and $500 (just the window). This will be often be for a larger slider that has lots of nice upgrades to it. A quality glass package with a nice spacer system, a wood or fiberglass clad frame and high quality metal hardware. Expect lots of color or finish options if the company offers these selections.

Premium Window Only Cost: $300 - $500

Installation Slider Window Prices

This is the full range (actually installation can run $300 per opening but this would have to involve more of a top of the line full frame replacement.) More typical replacements will cost $125 to $175. This is a good target for most homeowners that will provide good removal, new windows, proper insulation and sealant.

Installation Cost: $75 - $250

Entry Level Project Costs

Total entry level cost per window installed will range from $150 to $300. Homeowners should be wary of an installed slider for $150. In fact, $300 installed is about the lowest that they should consider, unless they are simply flipping the house or using it as a rental.

Entry Level Cost: $150 - $300 fully installed

Mid Range Project Costs

Total mid range cost per window installed will range from $300 to $600. This is a good price range for most homeowners who want a decent slider with good installation. Vinyl is probably going to be the material you opt for in this price range - make sure that the company has a good reputation for solid workmanship.

Mid Range Cost: $300 - $600 fully installed

High End Project Costs

Total high end cost per window installed will range from $600 to $750. This price range will get you a high end wood, fiberglass or aluminum clad frame from a well known manufacturer, along with high quality installation.

Premium Cost: $600 - $750 fully installed

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