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Single Hung Window Prices

Single hung window prices can range from $225 to $850 installed. This is a bit lower than double hungs, although the pricing between these two styles is much closer than consumers often imagine. Find out more on costs and pricing for this very popular style of home windows.

Entry Level Single Hung Prices

Entry level or low end single hung window prices range from $150 to $250 for the window itself. Often times, these windows will be purchased at the larger home improvement stores and are the bare bones product line from the manufacturer. With a low end glass and fills, the performance numbers are going to be quite low and not very good at providing energy efficiency.

Entry Level Cost: $150 - $250

Mid Range Single Hung Prices

Mid range single hung window prices range from $250 to $440 for the window itself. In this price range, most consumers can get a very solid vinyl extrusion with a nice mid range low-e glass, fills and hardware. The top end of the price range will usually get you a fiberglass composite or aluminum frame, again with a standard glass package, fills and hardware.

Mid Range Cost: $250 - $440

Premium Single Hung Prices

The premium single hung window prices range from $450 to $600 and will get you a wood or wood clad frame, along with their high end glass package and hardware. This price range will also inculde the fiberglass or aluminum clad frames that have lots of upgrades to them such as the premium glass packages, grids, screens, hardware etc. Premium prices usually comes from the high end, well known companies in the industry.

Premium Range Cost: $450 - $600

Installation Cost For Single Hung Windows

Window installation prices range from $75 to $250. The low end of this would be for simple inserts and the high end will be for replacements that require sills, stops, waterproof sill pan and wrapping/flashing to provide a proper water barrier.

Installation Costs: $75 to $250

Single Hung Prices (Including Installation)

EntryLevel Cost: $225 to $400

Mid Range Cost: $400 to $600

Premium Cost: $600 to $850

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