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Replacement Window Cost Calculator

Use our replacement window cost calculator and find out your next project pricing. Simply fill in your project specifics in the calculator to the right. Hit and get an estimate on your next project. Feel free to enter different types of windows, different frame materials and levels of manufacturers and window installation.

How Our Calculator Works

For most projects, the window company or manufacturer and the level of installation will coincide. This is not always the case but if you buy top end Pella windows, you will probably want their certified installers or will probably go with an installation company that is licensed bonded and will offer their own window warranty.

Window Styles & Options

Select the following in order to generate a cost estimate for your next project. Choose from among the following styles. Different styles of windows will definitely affect pricing. Single hung and fixed windows are at the lower end, while casements, bays and bows usually top the price spectrum.

Double Hungs

Single Hungs



Bays Or Bows

Fixed Frames

Tilt Turns

Frame Materials & Options

Choose from among the following styles frame types. PVC and vinyl are at the low end, while wood, aluminum and fiberglass tend to be at the top.







Budget & Brand Options

Select the level of window manufacturer. This is just a ballpark designation (there are simply too many manufacturers to list so we included a triple tier installation question.)


Mid Range


Installation Options

Finally, select the type Of installation. DIY installation is cheap - $25 per window max for the sealant, shims (of course this is not advised unless you have great home improvement skills.) Professional installation is also priced out on a three tiered system and is tied to the answer you gave for the level of manufacturer.

Do It Yourself


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