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Double Hung Window Costs

Double hung windows prices range from $275 to $950 installed. This includes the cost for the window and for the installation.

Double Hung Windows Prices (Window Only)

Entry Level

Entry level double hung windows prices start at $200 and end at $300 (this is just for the window). Expect a low end vinyl frame, entry level glass package, a few options for the fram color and finish and plastic hardware options.

$200 - $300

Mid Range

Mid Range double hung windows prices start at $300 and end at $550 (again this is just for the window). This price range will offer lots more in terms of value and options. Frame choices will be a high end vinyl or composite or an entry level fiberglass, wood or aluminum clad. The glass package will be in the mid range of low-e glass (energy efficient glass) and argon fills, along with a lot of frame color and finish options (depending on the specific product line) and much sturdier/durable hardware.

$300 - $550


Premium double hung windows prices start at $550 and end somewhere in the $750 per window. Frame selections at this price point will usually be wood or wood clad, although high end fiberglass or aluminum composites can sneak in this price range. Homeowners can expect great glass packages with high end low-e glass and a good spacer system, along with completely customizable sizing, color and hardware options.

$550 - $750

Cost Of Installation

The cost on installation will run $75 to $250 for replacements (new construction installation involves the full frame and is more expensive). Homeowners should avoid the low end of this range as the installation will probably be poor quality. An optimal price to shoot for with DH replacements is $125 to $175 per opening.

$75 to $250

Total Cost Of The Project

Entry Level

Entry level ranges from $275 to $400 per window installed. The lower end of this price point is probably not going to provide a family with windows that last and work well. The top end of this, $400 installed, can provide you with an okay window as long as the installation is super solid.

Low End: $275 - $400

Mid Range

Mid Range ranges from $400 to $700 per window installed. Most homeowners should shoot for this range to get a good vinyl, aluminum or fibrex-type window that has good performance numbers, along with good quality installation where the window is properly wrapped, sills and jambs are checked out, stops are inserted and the window is properly sealed and watertight.

Mid Range: $400 - $700

High End

High end ranges from $700 to $900 per window installed. This price range should be for homeowners who don?t mind spending top dollar on beautiful wood or wood clad frames with great energy efficient features and top shelf installation with all of the bells and whistles that come from a really detailed installer who takes great pride in their work.

High End: $700 - $900

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