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Top Rated Replacement Windows

Check out our selections for the top rated home windows. We?ve broken them up by frame material and price to give consumers some great options and choices.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows account for more than 50% of all replacement window projects and, therefore, gets top billing in our top rated window showcase. Vinyl windows aren?t the flashiest option out there, but well built units offer as competitive energy efficiency numbers as any window frame out there.


800 Series (recommended)
500 Series (lower cost alternative)


Restoration Series (recommended)
Vanguard or Verde Series (lower cost alternative)


Elements Series (recommended)
Imperial LS Series (lower cost alternative)


Reflections 5300 Series (recommended)
Reflections 5300 Series (lower cost alternative)

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is a strong and durable material that carries a higher price point than vinyl, but not as expensive as wood clad windows. (Fiberglass is often used as the exterior cladding material for wood clad window.) Many proponents of fiberglass contend that these windows lose less efficiency over the years when compared with vinyl windows. Marvin is the king of fiberglass, while Pella?s Impervia is often the most well known because it is often included in Consumer Reports as the only fiberglass window that they review.


Infinity Series (recommended)
Integrity Series (lower cost alternative)


Ultra Series (recommended)

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are not recommended in cold climates, but they do extremely well in hot climates where lower end vinyl windows are subject to some warping issues. (Well made vinyl windows can stand lots of heat so all of our selections above should be fine.) Aluminum is extremely strong, although it typically receives poor marks in terms of energy efficiency. The Don Young selection below is out of Houston so it may not be available in your area.


Thermally Improved Model (recommended)
Standard Aluminum (lower cost alternative)

Don Young

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