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Window Replacement Installation | Do It Yourself

Replacement window installation is not easy, especially if you plan to do them yourself. There is a lot to consider when you decide to start your own DIY replacement window installation.

You have to consider the many steps of the replacement window installation process. A majority of the work takes place before you even buy your windows. If you think that all you have to do is buy a window, pop out the old one, and put a new one in its place, then you are definitely going to run into problems later on. We will explain the process, so you can decide whether you should bring in the professionals, or if you can handle the project yourself.

Key Benefits

A replacement windows installation is one of the smartest remodeling projects that you can do to your home. New windows not only make your home look better, but they can reduce your energy costs and increase your security as well. For these reasons and more, many people decide that the costs of replacement windows are well worth it, especially if they can save their hard earned cash by doing the work themselves.

How do you tell whether you can handle a replacement window installation? First, you should have pretty good skills as a carpenter, some friends willing to help, and enough time to finish the project. You don?t want to wind up in a situation where you have taken on a project that is too large or too complex for what you are able to handle.

Some Things to Think About Before You Begin A Replacement Window Installation

The key to a successful replacement window installation is proper planning. This is the best way to guarantee a smooth installation project.

Measuring Your Windows

You have to measure very carefully before you begin. An inaccurate measurement may mean that your window winds up being too small or too big for the frame. Don?t just measure once. Measure several times, and make sure you aren?t doing the math wrong when converting from feet to inches or visa-versa.

You should measure the height of your windows from the bottom of the sill to the top of the window. You should make sure to measure it on the left and right sides and in the middle, in case the frame is not completely even. To measure the width, you should measure from each jamb, at the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Make sure your measurements are the smallest ones you need. If you are unsure of the size it is always easier to go a little bit smaller, because you can always fill in the space with caulking. If your window is too big, you might not even be able to get it into the frame!

Consider The Circumstances

You need to make sure that you choose a window that works with the framing and opening of the old window. If you cannot fit your new window into the existing frames, the project is going to be much harder. Double check for any damage when you remove the old windows, because it is easier to fix these problems before you put the new ones in.

Choose A Window

Now that you have your measurements in hand, you would think that choosing the window is the easy part. There are probably hundreds of options that you can choose from, so it is not always a quick decision to make. But thankfully this is one of the more fun parts of the replacement window installation. You can choose any materials that you would like, from wood to aluminum or vinyl windows. You can also decide to choose ones that are extremely energy efficient if you want to maximize your cooling and heating savings in your home. As long as the window will fit in your frame, you can choose whatever your budget allows.

Place Your Order

Once you have narrowed down your choice, you need to order your windows. Before you place your order, double and triple check that all of your measurements are right. If they are not, you might not be able to use the windows. Find out how long it takes for the windows to be delivered. Even if they give you a delivery date, do not remove your old windows before you have the replacements in hand. You don?t want to have all the old windows out of your home if there is a possibility that the shipment will be delayed.

Check Your Order Once It Arrives

You should check that all of your replacement windows have arrived in good condition and in the right size before you start. Have all the tools and help you need ready to go for when you get started. Clear enough time in your schedule to finish the project completely, so you don?t have a big hole in your wall until you can get the time to finish.

The Tools You Need To Get The Job Done

You will need basic measuring tools, such as a level and a tape measure. You also want to have cutting tools, including a reciprocating saw, a utility knife, and a chisel or pick. It may help to have a pry bar to get out the old window. You need nails, and a hammer as well as caulking and wood shims to help complete the installation. This should go without saying, but do not forget your replacement windows, because if you get started before they arrive, who knows how long you will be living with holes in the side of your house.

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