Getting Started On Your Window Replacement Project


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Getting Started On Your Project

Explore our how to on getting started on your window replacement project.

Getting Started

Getting started with your replacement window project can be a daunting task. With hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from, you should start out by deciding what type of frame you are interested in. Most consumers should consider a quality vinyl window first and foremost; they are the most affordable option in terms of replacement cost and offer solid durability and performance numbers.

Not All Vinyl Is The Same

In regards to vinyl windows, however, a poorly made frame from a so so manufacturer will not provide the sort of long term value that most homeowners should be shooting for. Sure it may be inexpensive and to the naked eye it may even look comparable to a more expensive model, but looks can be deceiving. There are important differences in the quality of glass, seals, gas fills, spacer systems, glazing techniques, corner welds, the number of chambers in the frame, type of sill, and the list goes in. So how does the consumer decide what is a well made, quality constructed vinyl window? One of the best ways is to find quality contractors who only install good quality windows. A good window company should be your trusted source for getting a good product at a good price. We have some window recommendations ourselves that you can use as a benchmark ? our site has no affiliation with any manufacturer so you can trust that the information on models and series is as unbiased as possible.

Multiple Estimates

Then the question becomes how do you find a good contractor? Obviously using trusted sources is key; personal referrals from friends and neighbors is a fantastic option. Reading online forums and seeing whether there are contractors who are providing great insight and information to consumers ? some of these contractors are great if they serve your area. Getting multiple bids is very important to making sure that there are no big discrepancies ? the worse thing you can do is accept a single bid. You will be surprised by how varied the bids will be for the exact same project specifics.

Choose The Best Company

If you have three good bids and can eliminate one of them because of price, you are left with two bids. Call them back, ask any questions you may have about products, options, upgrades, labor and installation. If they offer comparable products and pricing, then you can simply select the one that gives you the best overall feeling. Usually though, one company beats out the other and the choice is pretty clear.

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